July 24, 2024

Police arrest Killers of Gen Katumba’s daughter & driver, one put out of action, they are part of ADF rebels

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Uganda Police Force have confirmed the arrest of the assailants who killed Gen Katumba’s daughter and driver.

Uganda’s Deputy Inspector General of Police Gen Paul Lokech told reporters at the Police Headquarters in Kampala on Thursday that all four of the attackers were arrested and that one of them was shot dead in the process.

The suspects according to Lokech had been established and tracked over the past few weeks, until their eventual arrest hours ago in Kikaya, Nansana and Katooke.

“In the past 24 hours we decided to zero on the attackers. We have been surveilling them,” he said.

One of the attackers Hussein Wahab aka Master, Loketch said, was gunned down in the arrest process.

The others now in custody include one “Kanabe” who was being ridden on the motorcycle by a Mudinka real names Walusimbi Kamada.

The attackers, he said handed one of their guns to a one Kagugube who took it to another person identified as Ami.

The second gun used in the assault has not been recovered. The development comes days after police charged two suspect in connection to the same attack on Gen Katumba.

The two are Ismael Hussein Sserubula, 38 and Nyanzi Yusuf Siraje, 46. Sserubula, also known as Imamu Muto is a bodaboda rider and resident of Bulenga in Wakiso while Nyanzi is an herbalist and resident of Kyanja in Nakawa.

Both were charged with the murder of Mrs Brenda Nantongo and the attempted murder of Gen Katumba Wamala according to the sanctioned charge sheets.

The DIGP also revealed that the suspects belong to an ADF cell headed by a one Shiek Obadia who is still on the run or in hiding in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

“This is the group that attacked Cheap Hardware in Nansana and have also confessed to killing some Shiekhs and high profile robberies in the country,” he said.

Meanwhile, Gen Lokech revealed that during the arrest, the suspect were found with materials used in making bombs and also supporting literature.

He also says that the suspects are believed to have been behind the murder of Maj. Muhammad Kiggundu in Masanafu back in 2016.

Lokech says the group Kiggundu after he broke off from them.


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