July 20, 2024

“You will get your Land Titles whether the landlords are compensated or not”, Minister Mayanja assures Kakumiro Residents

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Land tenants in Kakumiro have asked the government to give them certificates of occupancy and also to gazette their land properly and pay absentee landlords.

This call was made by residents during the meeting held on Thursday at Kisiita primary school Kisiita Town council, Kakumiro District.

Land tenants said that their lives and families are at risk of losing their lands because self-proclaimed landlords are still processing land titles.

Aisha Agaba Black, the Bugangaizi East Member of Parliament revealed that most of the tenants on land are not fully settled due to lack of land title.

She said that people living on lands have been there for over thirty years but up to now they don’t know their ownership on land and asked the minister to find possible means of giving out land titles to people of Bugangaizi East.

“I’m requesting you to help me also benefit from the projects in the Ministry of Lands, Albertine projects have helped many people in Kibaale and Mityana. Why not Bugangaizi East? Honorable Minister kindly help us,” Agaba Aisha told the minister.

Agaba said she has been visiting the Minister’s office on several occasions but her sweat is starting to yield.

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In response to land issues the state minister for lands Sam Mayanja assured tenants that it’s not constitutional to first compensate landlords and they process land titles.

Mayanja assured the people that they would get their land titles whether the government compensates the landlords or not.

“You will get your land titles from the government whether the landlords are compensated or not and no one will disturb you. That one saying that you are trespassing is the real trespasser,” Mayanja said.

He further assured tenants that they will get their land titles even though landlords are not yet compensated.

Over 1,000 people living in villages of Kijwenge, Bugwaara, Kiryamasasa, Rukanga, Katikara and Mpasana who were brought by government in 1992 from Kicanga-Mpokya are living in fear after one identified as Godfrey Mukasa processed a land title on the land they got from government.

Residents said the government gave each migrant of Mpokya 12 acres of land but surprisingly Godfrey’s land title reads that it was processed in 2018 yet they occupied the land in 1992.

Efforts to speak to Godfrey Mukasa who is accused to be the owner of the land title were futile because his phones were not on and he is not a resident of the affected villages.


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