July 20, 2024

“We do not have capacity to raise our triplets”, couple cries out in Kakumiro

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A couple in Kakumiro District is stranded as it seeks for help after producing triplets barely 11 months after the couple has produced twins.

Hannington Ahimbisibwe 32 together with his wife Jacqueline 31, all residents of Mukono B village, Katikara sub county in Kakumiro District produced triplets – two girls and one boy who follow twins that were born 11 months back.

The triplets were born after the mother went through operation at Hoima Regional Referral hospital.

In Eight years, the couple has had 9 children.

In an interview with Journalists, Hannington a peasant explains that he is stranded with the children due to limited resources as he has no source of livelihood to support his family.

Hanningoton says that his wife has made a number of attempts to go for family planning but all in vain.

He calls for well-wishers especially Members of Parliament, NGOs, Church leaders, and the entire community to come for their rescue as it is unbearable circumstance the couple is undergoing.

Jacqueline Nyesigiremukama the mother to the triplets says that she is worried about how she will raise the children given the financial incapacitation they have in the family.

Jacqueline adds that her triplets are in good health and are doing well apart from the problem of not getting enough breast- feeding milk from the mother.

Meanwhile, mobile money numbers 0778996090, 0703385491 have been provided to be used by any well-wisher to offer any help to the stranded couple. 

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