“We are Bringing Coffins with Dead Bodies to your homes” NGO’s Country Director declares sour warning to Kagadi Leaders

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The Executive Director World Voices Uganda Gard Benda

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Important to note:

Kagadi Hospital Bank Account has sh80 million napping idle and it requires processes to have the standby generator procured.

However, having the generator procured, it may require over sh150 million.

Kagadi hospital has spent two years without a standby generator even after the Kagadi district local government approved sh80M for buying the generator.

The Executive Director World Voices Uganda Gard Benda also a Human Rights defender and activist has threatened to mobilize and lead Kagadi District Residents carried with coffins of dead bodies to homes of top District leaders including legislators, if they fail to expedite the quick process for the procurement of a new standby Generator for Kagadi Hospital within an issued ultimatum of two weeks.

Gard Benda, issued the sour declaration on Thursday during a media briefing held at World Voices Uganda headquarters of Kiraba Cell in Kiraba Ward Kagadi town council in Kagadi district.

World Voices Uganda is a locally founded recognized NGO that was conceived to respond to human rights violations, lack of access to justice by the poor, poor health, rampant corruption among others in Uganda.

According to Gard Benda, since 2021 he has been receiving several reports from mothers crying over the continuous loss of their infants’ lives after birth whenever hydro Electric Power goes off at Kagadi Hospital.

He said statics received at their office indicate that for the last 1and half years, 3 to 5 born juveniles die at Kagadi Hospital every day incase Hydro Electric power goes off and that the hospital currently lacks an operating standby generator for back up to save the lives of these young ones in Incubators / Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), lives of expectant mothers in operation theatre Unit and lives of accident casualties in need of oxygen.

To his dismay, Benda Disclosed that there’s 80 million shillings sleeping on the Hospital bank account but the top district leadership has denied the hospital management to procure a new standby generator using that fund due to their deliberate selfish interests, hence leading to increased cases of Neonatal mortality at the facility.

Benda embarrassingly questioned himself as to why the district leaders always prioritize minor issues that suit their own interests at the expense of the majority people’s lives, hence issuing a harsh two weeks ultimatum to the district leadership to have the hospital standby generator procured.

He has threatened to mobilize and lead locals from the entire district carried with coffins of dead Bodies to homes of the LC5 Chairperson Yosia Ndibwami Bahunga, CAO Mathias Ndifuna, Acting DHO Theodoro Kajumba and Area MPs Barnabas Tinkasimmire of Buyaga West, Eric Musana of Buyaga East and Janepher Kyomuhendo Mbabazi the District Woman MP if they fail to resolve the hospital Standby Generator Crisis within two weeks’ time.

World Voice Uganda’s Benda said that if the above move yields no positive results, he will go ahead to lead and mobilize district locals, friends and fellow NGOs towards a fundraising drive so as to raise the money of buying their own generator as citizens .

However, in his response, Simon Peter Tumusiime the Kagadi Hospital Administrator acknowledged the development but said the hospital leadership together with district leadership three days back convened a crisis meeting in which they agreed to buy a new generator with optimism that in two weeks’ time it will be delivered at the hospital premises.

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