February 27, 2024

Chimp Attack Threaten Livelihoods in Kagadi again, Residents Cry foul


Chimpanzee that were found in the gardens in Karuswiga-Muhorro Town Council in Kagadi district

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Residents of Kitera Lc1 in Kyanaisoke Sub County, Kagadi, are urgently seeking government intervention following a series of chimpanzee raids that have left their crops devastated.

In an exclusive interview with Nettl Media reporter on Friday, distressed residents disclosed the extent of the damage, with chimpanzees ravaging sugarcanes, maize gardens, and banana plantations.

Expressing concern over the increasing threat, residents implored the government to take immediate action, emphasizing that waiting could result in further property destruction.

While no harm to human life has been reported so far, residents conveyed their fears of potential dangers to both lives and property if the chimpanzees are not addressed promptly.

Tadeo Mugisha Yuda, the Chairperson of LC3 Kyanaisoke Sub County, confirmed the encroachment of chimpanzees into the area, urging the government to intervene swiftly.

Tadeo highlighted the need for the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) to relocate the chimpanzees to their designated habitats before any harm occurs.

He also urged residents to refrain from engaging in confrontations with the animals.

Aligonzawenka Kamihanda, the District Councilor for People with Disabilities, pointed out that the chimpanzees’ encroachment into gardens and homes stemmed from human activities disrupting their habitats.

Urging government intervention, Kamihanda stressed the importance of addressing the issue before any harm is inflicted on human life.

Amos Ssebuliba, the District Councilor for Kyanaisoke Sub County, called for the immediate involvement of UWA officials in the affected area.

He cautioned against potential dangers if residents were to engage in confrontations with the chimpanzees, emphasizing the need for a peaceful resolution.

This is the third area to be occupied by Chimpanzees in Kagadi district after Karuswiga cell in Muhorro town council and Kisankwa village in Kinyarugonjo Sub County respectively.

However this has created persistent fear among the affected residents despite the government’s call of co-existence.

Getting a comment from Uganda Life Authority (UWA) officials Kagadi Branch was futile by press 


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