March 2, 2024

Unidentified man steals traffic officer’s polythene with money collected from road users

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A traffic officer on duty in Uganda’s capital Kampala


A man yet to be identified has stolen a polythene bag with daily collections of a Traffic Police Officer in Kalungu District.

The officer who stops, checks vehicles in Kalungu, towards Kyamuliibwa collects Ugx 2,000 from each boda boda, Ugx 5,000 from each saloon car and Ugx 7,000 from each cargo vehicle passing by.

However, for fear of being arrested with the money/bribes in his pockets, the officers put the money in a black polythene bag in a scrub annex.

“A day they can collect more than Ugx 350,000 from the different vehicles,” says one of the drivers who has fallen victim of the deliberations.

However, on Thursday after a days work, the Traffic police officer together with his colleague went to the bush to look for the polythene bag failed to find it.

“This left the officers angry and kept searching. They even started pin pointing at different people close to them to have taken the polythene away from,” the source added.

Usually, each time collect up to Ugx 350,000 in a day, the officers go to a mobile money shop close and deposit the money on their mobile phone numbers.

However, the officers this time had nothing to deposit, only for them quarrel amongst themselves.

“At first, each though the other had taken away the polythene with intent to defraud each other, searched each other until they were contented,” narrated one of the residents who saw the officers quarreling.

It is not clear whether the officers will keep looking for the stolen money. However, sources close to them indicated that they have resolved to change tactics to avoid similar incidents from happening again.

Source: Entebbe Post


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