March 3, 2024

Uganda Ranked Second Most Alcoholic Country in the World

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Uganda a landlocked country in East Africa whose diverse landscape encompasses the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains and Immense Lake Victoria has been ranked second as the most an alcoholic country in the world with consumption of 15.09 litters.

In the most alcoholic country, Seychelles is ranked number one with 20.50 litres consumed by her people, Czechia ranked third with 14.45 litres, Lithuania fourth with 13.22 litres, Luxembourg fifth with 12.94 litres, Germany ranked sixth with 12.91 litres, Ireland seventh with 12.88 litres, Latvia eighth with 12.77 litres, Spain 12.72 litres in the ninth position and Bulgaria in the 10th position with 12.65 litres.

Uganda’s unparalleled alcoholic consumption is almost entirely due to the country’s love for home-made waragi (gin) and Ajono (local sorghum brew) topping the alcohol menu. Just 4% of consumption comes from beer and 2% from wine, with other category a resound Winner at 94% of consumption. The generic term for domestically distilled beverages is UBL‘s famous Uganda Waragi which contain around 42% alcohol making it one of the most alcoholic spirits in the world.



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