March 2, 2024

UBOS dispatches 146 officers to collect Parish Development Model data in Amuria

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Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) has dispatched a team of 146 officers to collect data for use in the implementation of the Parish Development Model in Amuria district.

These will traverse the district collecting data about families to be used when the Parish Development Model is officially implemented.

According to Francis Okidei, the District Commercial Officer for Amuria, this exercise will also see members of the public mobilized for the new poverty alleviation program by government. “We want to see members of the public be prepared to utilize the funds well and for the intended purposes. We shall involve them by giving them an opportunity to identify enterprises they are engaged in and this will ensure resources are well utilized but also go to the right hands,”Okidei said.

“Once this exercise is concluded, government will be able to identify the exact number of people to benefit from this new program in the district and see how to plan well for them.”

He revealed that there are vetting committees set up to help verify the authenticity of the projects before the funds are sent to the parishes.

Okidei noted that the 146 officers will cover the 99 parishes in Amuria district in the next two weeks as part of the data collection exercise for the Parish Development Model.

Parish chiefs also expressed gratitude towards UBOS for the proper training attained to enable them implement the program, noting that all stakeholders have been properly briefed on what to do.

“Given the training we have received and the structures we have , we know what to do to ensure this program is a success,” said David Ewayu, the parish chief for Orungo.

Officials from UBOS noted that the data collection exercise will also help in mindset changing of the members of the public towards the program.

“Whereas we will be collecting data, this will also be another way of changing the mindset of the people to prepare for the program. Many have been reluctant to engage themselves in government programs especially those that come during election period because they think that they are aimed at enticing them to vote the government but this has come when elections are still a long way,” Elizabeth Amuge, one of the data collectors said.



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