July 20, 2024

Two Women Caught Stealing a Cross from Child’s Tomb

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Police in Ibanda are investigating a matter in which two women were caught red-handed removing a cross from the tomb of a child who was buried 6 months ago.

The two women; Scola Kobusingye 75 and Jolly Kyohairwe 59 are both residents of Rwemengo II village, Rwengwe parish, lbanda south.

According to a resident who preferred anonymity, the two were later brought before a village meeting where Jolly narrated that she was contacted by Scola for the cross.

Jolly added that her motive was to ensure that Scola is caught red handed while receiving it, the more reason she volunteered to help her.

The resident told media that Scola Kobusingye asked residents for forgiveness explaining that she hoped to get a cure to her diseases and solutions to her problems using the cross.

However, Bernard Muhairwoha the Chairperson LCI for Rwemengo II told journalists that it could have been a set up by Jolly to have Scola caught.

By press time the police had taken the two suspects to Rwomuhoro police station for further investigations into the matter.


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