The Year To Forget: Jemo not VIP anymore!

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2022 has turned out to be the year to forget for local rapper VIP Jemo, real name James Kasozi Batende, after a streak of forgettable moments.

Since the year began, the singer has been making it to the headlines, not for his music but rather controversial stories.

In April, the rapper was nearly clobbered by a mob after being nabbed for allegedly stealing a phone together with his gang.

VIP Jemo was released unharmed, however, and it was later reported as a case of mistaken identity as he strongly denied the allegations.

Since last weekend, a video of the “Sima” singer totally wasted and seemingly out of his mind has been making rounds on social media.

The video taken at Itanda Falls where the famous Nyege Nyege Festival happened from Thursday to Sunday showed the usually smart VIP Jemo soiled with mud.

In the video, the rapper who seems drunk and staggering keeps falling to the ground as other revelers look on in shock.

Shared by Sanyuka TV, the video has been labeled “embarrassing” by most revelers who have also questioned the mental state of the once highly prized rapper.

Upon seeing the video, fellow singers including Tip Swizy and Karole Kasita showed concern over the “negative exposure” by media.

“I don’t find this fair. I thought Nyege Nyege was like Rome, what happens there stays there,” Kasita commented on the video.

Other netizens cautioned the artists to look for Jemo and try to help him before his mental state worsens instead of trying to cover up for him.


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