July 20, 2024

The community to start burying their COVID 19 victims-Kagadi DHO

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The Kagadi district health officer Dr. Olowo James who also sits at the COVID 19 task force has said burial of COVID 19 victims will be conducted by the community and family members according to the new guidelines that intend to phase out health burial teams.

Dr. Olowo said this while meeting the District LC.V chairperson and case management team held at Kagadi General Hospital at the launch of a special care room for COVID 19 patients where they will be waiting for their referrals.

Dr. Olowo says COVID 19 dead bodies do not transmit the virus since it is well known that it’s transmitted through breathing or coughing which the dead body cannot do.

Dr. Olowo further says this has come because the district burial teams cannot manage to handle the burial in case deaths increase due to the several challenges involved.

He adds that what is required of the health workers is to prepare the body very well by wrapping it according to the guidelines before it is handed over to the relatives.

However, the Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Kagadi Vincent Asiimwe says the communities need to be sensitized on the new guidelines hence asking that the district burial team be instituted and equipped to handle emergencies where the community may refuse to bury the victim.   

Kagadi district has 265 COVID 19 patients with 35 being health workers from all over the district.

The district has so far recorded 4 COVID 19 deaths in a period of 1 week


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