February 27, 2024

Teacher Senfuma Arrested After Sneaking into Female Student’s Home for Sex

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Police have arrested John Senfuma, a teacher at Hillside College Mityana, after he tried to sleep with his female student at her home.

The parents apparently ambushed Senfuma before apprehending him after he entered the girl’s family living room. 

Videos of Senfuma pleading for mercy from the parents of the minor are now trending on social media.

Police are expected to issue a statement later today about the matter.  

In one of the WhatsApp messages discovered by the girl’s parents, Senfuma suggested that “instead of spending money on hiring a room, why can’t I give it to you because you need money.”

He further seeks assurance from his student: “Are you safe at home and in a gate?” 

Cases of sexual abuses of minors by school teachers have been on the rise in the recent years.  

In 2019, a specialist team of detectives from the Sexual and Gender Based Violence Unit, at CID Headquarters arrested Jimmy Walugembe, a 29 year old teacher at Springfield International School and charged him with Aggravated Defilement, of an 8-year-school girl. 

The suspect allegedly lured the victim  into a toilet and acted inappropriately by sexually abusing her.

Observers say the incident underscores the need for parents to protect their children from sexual predators during long holidays.


A Parliamentary Committee in 2019 found that sexual abuses were widespread in virtually all the institutions of learning. 

However, the actual prevalence of the vice in the country is difficult to determine as many of the cases are never reported. 

70 percent of the respondents interviewed by MPs from primary, secondary and tertiary institutions said that they had personally experienced some form of sexual violence or harrasment or knew of classmates and peers who had experienced it. 

The committee discovered that the vice is majorly perpetuated by male teachers and lecturers and male learners against female learners. 

The sexual abuses, which manifests in various forms including defilement, rape, verbal and non-verbal sexual harrasment, are caused by a myriad of factors ranging from social, cultural, economic, institutional to environmental factors. 

However, research shows poverty and moral degeneration stands out as the key driving factors for the vice. 

Other causes are: harmful religious and cultural beliefs and practices, societal acceptance of sexual abuses, increasing levels of drug and substance abuse, exposure to pornography, lack of life skills and sexuality education, culture of silence, misuse of power and authority, lack of professionalism, laxity in law and policy enforcement and inadequate supervision and monitoring.

The MPs said in their report that learners who experience sexual violence find difficulty to concentrate in class, some even loose interest in studying and transfer to new institutions or simply drop-out of school hindering their educational performance and curtailing their future aspirations. 

In addition, sexual abuse is associated with numerous health risks including sexually transmitted diseases, early pregnancies which often result in school dropout and injury or death arising from unsafe abortions.


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