February 28, 2024

TBA arrested in connection with the death of expectant mother, unborn baby

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A traditional birth attendant (TBA) Identified as Sarafina Nyiramugisha, 48 has been arrested in connection with the death of an expectant mother and an unborn baby.

Nyiramugisha was arrested by the resident district commissioner Kagadi Lillian Ruteraho after repeated public outcry that her operations have led to the death of several mothers in Rugashari Sub county, Kagadi district.

 The arrest of Nyiramugisha was sparked off by the death of Jacinta Afashimaana who died on April 2, 2021 due to anaemia after secondary profuse bleeding after delivery of a fresh still birth at her residence in Rugashari.  

Ruteraho told www.nettlconsult.com that the late Afashimaana went to Rugashari health center III, which is a government facility, and was referred to Kagadi government general hospital but Nyiramugisha assured the family that she will handle her and deliver safely.

“This Nyiramugisha is responsible for the death of over six mothers and we have been looking for her because she is operating illegally,” said Ruteraho.

She said that Nyiramugisha cannot be allowed to operate as a TBA but should register as a herbalist and should never attend to any expectant mother.

Ruteraho said that she had handed over the suspect to police to do its investigations and charge her accordingly.

Nyiramugisha was found with herbs and other fetishes she uses to induce women to deliver and was picked and taken to Kagadi central police station to record a statement and answer charges.

Talking to www.nettlconsult.com Nyiramugisha admitted that she has been helping mothers to deliver since 1996 to date and has delivered over 200 mothers but only registered like six deaths.

“I have been doing this job since 1990s but I was not trained to deliver mothers only learnt by myself,” said Nyiramugisha.

She however said that the deceased mother was rushed to another health facility in Kagadi where she died from later.

Justine Tumwebaze Aisha, the Kagadi district health educator said that Nyiramugisha was found operating in an unhygienic house with mothers being admitted on a mud floor with filth around.

“Apart from operating illegally her premises are unhygienic and dangerous to both the mothers and the unborn babies,” said Tumwebaze.

She said that by policy TBAs are outlawed in Uganda and whoever does so is against the law.

Tumwebaze said that this is not the first time Nyiramugisha is causing the death of a mother but in 2016 she was being hunted by Infectious diseases Institute Saving mothers giving life project but she eluded arrest and went into hiding.

According to the Uganda Demographic health survey of 2016, Bunyoro region Maternal mortality ratio (MMR) stands at 336/100,000 per live births yet the 2020 Health Sector Development Plan target is 320/100,000.

A report presented by the minister for social services for Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom recently Dr. Florence Asiimwe  indicated that TBA assisted deliveries for Bunyoro stands at 20%, the highest in the country and this is reason for more maternal deaths.

By press time Nyiramugisha was recording a statement at Kagadi central police station but the officer handling the file could not divulge the charges that will be preferred against her.


1 thought on “TBA arrested in connection with the death of expectant mother, unborn baby

  1. Hope she presents her self I. A polite way, meanwhile these cases have typically Incresed due to massive sensitisation to communities that haven’t realized the difference between the TBAs and the attending Health Health facilities,.
    It’s true that the Government phased out the TBAs Communities still have that big belief that needs a lot of efforts by government to divert their attitude towards the two.
    Thanks to this network.

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