March 4, 2024

“Talking about Succession right now is a total madness”-Richard Byamukama Bard

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Many theories have been put across by many people within and abroad about the future of presidency and NRM towards 2026 elections. Various opinions have been put forward by politicians, scholars and many natives on what next and who should be the next president of the republic of Uganda.

Adversaries have also taken chance of the online media and social media to paint a sharp division among the first family members on who should succeed the big man from Rwakitura so as to cause friction between the involved parties and the entire public. I at least talk to the personal assistants of both parties, but all I can tell is that these are just media stories and propaganda without authenticity, there is no division among first family members, adversaries are not smart enough. A strategic Rwakitura man can’t allow such.

I pose a big question to everyone talking about transition or succession of presidency right now, “Where is the current president going? Where is president Museveni going? do we have a vacuum of leadership? What does the constitution say when there’s vacuum of leadership on the position of Presidency? Don’t you people trust your own supreme law under the constitution? Talking about succession right now is total ignorance and madness.”

How true is Gen Muhoozi’s presidency bid?

That’s the adversary I have told you about, has Gen Muhoozi said so? but any way what’s wrong with one having presidential ambition if they can do in the right way? Should we criminalize people with presidential ambitions..? Being son to the current president doesn’t deter one from enjoying the rights of being a citizen of the country… Being son or daughter to a president is just a privilege that can cease away but the rights entitled to a citizen go nowhere. “In fact, I have seen many people giving up their privileges to fight for their rights….many of them.” We should not criminalize people because of what they are or what they hold in order to discriminate their rights and entitlements.

What about the rumors that president Museveni is grooming his son to become his successor? 

So what would you wish the son of a president to be?  A Chapati seller or hawker…? Is it what you would wish?

There’s is a funny story to write about this, any parent would wish his or her child well. I don’t really believe that there is any parent who would wish there children bad luck, so, you wish your son or daughter to become an engineer or doctor or something great but you want mine to become a chapati seller.

Leaders are just shaped but not groomed like you are talking about, grooming a leader would imply that one has no spirit or ambition to become one. This doesn’t necessarily mean that any son to a president comes immediately after the departure of their fathers. We have seen many countries where the former first sons led their respective nations, president Walk Bush was son to president Herbert Bush, Uhuru was son to Jomo Kenyatta these are good Democratic countries, What is so unique with Uganda…? We should not criminalize people because of what they are in order to discriminate their rights

The writer is a Lawyer and student of Security and strategic studies at Nkumba University

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