July 24, 2024

Stay Away from Evil Acts, Glorify Allah-Kibaale Muslim District Khadh delivers Eid-Al-Adha Message

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By Charles Agaba

Muslims in Kagadi and around have been asked to use this Eid Al-Adha to end evil acts of massive killing, defilement, child sacrifice, among others that are currently spreading in the country

The revelation was made on the eve of EID-Al-Adha on Tuesday by Sheikh Muhammad Isingoma the Kibaale district Khadh during an interview with journalists in Kagadi town Kagadi district

According to Sheikh Muhammad, on this day Muslims commemorate the day when Ibrahim tempted to sacrifice his only son Isaac but Allah showed him a lamb instaed hence appealing to all Muslims to engage in animal sacrifice and give out to people as a way of togetherness.

Sheikh Muhammad in his message, also called upon the Muslims to always work hard for development, love one another, and shun discrimination and tribalism as a way of glorifying Allah.

Meanwhile, Muslims whom we approached in their homes said this time round they have celebrated from Home due to the COVID 19 restrictions that stopped them from access the Mosque hence expressing their experience of always being prepared for such pandemics by saving.


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