July 24, 2024

Stanbic bank recompenses Couple who lost 1.6M to termites

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Mr and Mrs Tito Okema at the Bank

Stanbic Bank Uganda has come to the rescue of Mr and Mrs Tito Okema who unfortunately lost their UGX 1.6m 3 year savings to termites.

The couple opened their first ever bank account with Stanbic, who gave them an initial deposit of UGX 500,000 and their regional team, topped up an additional UGX1.1m making a total of UGX1.6m.

In order to make it easier for them to transact, they also gave them a dual sim phone and showed them how to do banking via digital channels.

75-year-old Bicentina Alal and her 80-year-old husband Tito Okema, were saving money in a metallic case for over three years.

The couple who live with their six grandchildren in Kali-Kali village in Layima sub-county opened their savings box in June only to discover that the paper notes had been destroyed by termites.   

Bicentina explained that the money was in good shape until last month when they saw the metallic case covered with mud.   

According to Alal, they were astonished when they opened the metallic box that was hidden under their wooden bed only to discover that the money had been eaten by termites.


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