March 2, 2024

Ssennyonyi assumes leadership as LoP, pledges to hold government accountable


Joel Ssennyonyi has taken on the role of Leader of the Opposition

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In his inaugural address, Joel Ssennyonyi has taken on the role of Leader of the Opposition, vowing to effectively execute his mandate and seeking support from both fellow opposition members and members of other political parties.

Highlighting the importance of his position, Ssennyonyi emphasized that the primary responsibility of the Leader of the Opposition, as stated in Rule 14 of the Rules of Procedure, is to hold the government accountable.

“The principal role of the Leader of the Opposition is to keep the government in check. By God’s grace, I will execute that mandate effectively, and my hope is that I will receive support from this House, not just my colleagues on this side,” he stated.

Ssennyonyi stressed the collective benefit of ensuring governmental accountability, emphasizing the need for efficient service delivery, eradicating corruption, and responsibly managing taxpayer funds.

“Keeping the government in check benefits all of us here and the people we represent. It is not solely for the opposition’s benefit. When we fight against corruption, ensure service delivery, and maximize the value of taxpayer money, it benefits everyone,” he explained.

Regardless of political affiliation, Ssennyonyi highlighted that poor service delivery and infrastructure deficiencies affect every individual, underscoring the importance of cooperation across party lines.

Expressing gratitude for his predecessor, Mathias Mpuuga, Ssennyonyi acknowledged Mpuuga’s leadership and composure during challenging times.

“He led us under difficult circumstances, but he managed to remain composed and guide us through those trying times. I salute you, Sir, and I am fortunate that we will continue working together,” he expressed.

While acknowledging the potential for disagreements, Ssennyonyi appealed for respectful discourse and a space for diverse perspectives within the political arena.

He eagerly expressed his commitment to collaborating with all Members of Parliament in order to serve the people of Uganda.

As the new Leader of the Opposition, Ssennyonyi’s focus on accountability and effective governance sets the stage for a potentially robust and constructive engagement with the government on various national issues.

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