Ssemujju wonders why Museveni dresses expensively like a Hollywood star 


Ssemujju Nganda, MP Kira Municipality

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The Member of Parliament for Kira Municipality, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has questioned the ‘bloated’ 2023/24 budget for the Office of the President and State House.

Currently, in the proposed budget for the Financial Year 2023/24, the Office of the President has been allocated Shs239 billion while the State House has been allocated Shs421 billion.

Addressing the Thursday plenary, Ssemujju suggested that the State House budget be cut and the extra funds be provided to priority sectors like health.

He pointed out a case of Shs1 billion allocated to State House to every year to cater for electricity and water bills.

Ssemujju noted that government is spending more on the State House bills because the President ’unlawfully‘ runs two residences (Entebbe and Nakasero).

”The laws provides for one residence (State House). Go back to the law of Presidential Emoluments and Benefits Act; It provides for one residence. The President runs two residencies at Nakasero and Entebbe illegally. That’s why his electricity at Shs500 million and water bill at Shs500 million per year is bigger than that of a big factory like Roofings. Whatever they are manufacturing at State House, Allah knows,” Ssemujju said.

Ssemujju also questioned the Shs550 million provided to the State House for the President’s wardrobe, wondering why the President would spend an average of Shs1 million on clothes everyday.

“Our President is not a star from Hollywood requiring to change wardrobe everyday. He’s a president of a poor country. Why buy him clothes worth Shs350 million every year. What happened to the clothes that were bought last year?” Ssemujju wondered.

He further questioned the Shs2 billion allocated for the exclusive use of the (National Resistance Movement) NRM Whip, yet other political parties’ whips in the Parliament are not allocated that money.

“He is being provided with Shs800m for donation, Shs150m to maintain his cars, Shs100m to fuel his cars, Shs825m for inland travels, Shs100m for security and guards, Shs130m for special drinks and meals,”

”This is not the only whip in this Parliament. The opposition whip is here and other whips are not provided with these facilities yet they doing the same thing under the law.” Ssemujju stressed.

Ssemujju proposed that State House be given only Shs21bn and the extra Shs400bn be used to fund priorities in the health sector.

He advised MPs to start looking at the voluminous revenue estimates, before passing the budgets.

Currently, Uganda’s proposed budget for the Financial Year 2023/24 stands at Shs52 trillion.

Source: Nile Post


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