February 28, 2024

SOUTH SUDAN: Kasaija names 23 companies to be compensated


Kasaija on the floor. PHOTO PARLIAMENT MEDIA

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Amidst a heated debate, Minister of Finance Matia Kasaija has named 10 companies that have been paid, and 23 who have been verified and are set to be compensated after losses in South Sudan’s 7-year civil war that started in 2013. The 33 are among several that supplied the South Sudan government.

” When we want to pay, something else happens. we are also constrained by cash flows. I will negotiate with the Government of South Sudan that the companies which have been verified are included in the agreement and then I will come back here and have them paid,” Kasaija told parliament.

Before he read out his list, MP Cecilia Ogwal challenged Kasaija for details.

“Gov’t cannot say they have no money to pay the 23 companies. Parliament passed that money. Was their money diverted? They must tell us where the money went and tell us why you sent it to another entity,” she said.

MP Dan Kimosho challenged the finance ministry to also provide a list of directors of the companies being compensated. Aponye and KK was identified as having been paid, and also on the list of those verified to be paid.

The Speaker Anitah Among thereafter gave Minister Kasaija up to end of June 2022 to present the addendum to the Memorandum of Understanding for payment of the Uganda-South Sudan traders.


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