March 2, 2024

Social media influencers want government to formally employ them

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The creativity of young people to forge ways of survival through influencing on social media continues to unlock for them lucrative ideas.

They now want formal recognition from government in form of jobs.

During a twitter space discussion held on August 9, some of the popular social media influencers said it was high time government entities and parastatals realised that there are government businesses from which the public expects profits and that the best way to popularise these entities is by using their services.

“We need government to come out and formalise our job so that each government ministry, parastatal or entity should have a social media handler, recruited on government payroll. This is because most of the public relations officers are only obsessed with verbal communications and paper work, which doesn’t quickly reach out to the public,” said Nova Kwikiriza, a social media influencer.

According to one of the social media influencers, Esther Birungi, influencers should now focus on exhibiting good behaviour and discipline on top of preaching against actions which contravene the Computer Misuse Act.

“For me, I am a lawyer by profession but I have won deals from several government entities to push their agenda on social media,” confessed Birungi.

AIGP Asan Kasingye, the retired chief political commissar of Police commended the idea and also justified the need for government to have them formally employed. He gave a testimony of how Twitter has catalysed his work especially his engagements with the public online.

“I joined Twitter in 2015 when I was the Director of Interpol, Uganda Police. I can assure you, people thought I was wasting time on social media but my intention was to bring the services quicker and closer to the masses, which I have achieved,” said Kasingye.

Kasingye said social media influencers have to organise themselves without making noise and convince government to take them up.

He said they need to sit and formulate a concept paper or proposal which justifies their plea, then submit it to the Office of the Prime Minister, who is the leader of government business in Parliament.

Kasingye advised the influencers to be cognisant of matters of policy, not to only rely on posting whatever they are assigned to.

“At times, the public will need more explanation about what you posted? Are you ready to engage them or, you will retort with ‘that’s only what I have been assigned to post’? rhetorically inquired Kasingye.

The influencers said they are in the process of forming a committee that will draft a concept paper that will be submitted to the Office of the Prime Minister.



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