Shocking rumors surrounding the death of Kagadi Tycoon

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Shocking details have emerged about the untimely death of Kagadi prominent businessman and tycoon who fell off his building under construction in Kagadi Town.

Livingstone Kisembo, resident of Mambugu cell in Kagadi Town council Kagadi district in his late 60s fell off his storied building under construction at Kagadi Market Street and died shortly after reaching Kakibogo Clinic.

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According to witnesses, the deceased was making a phone call while walking around the unfinished part of the first floor and was covered by untightened timber that flipped off leading to his fall off.

It is alleged that he lost control and forgot to mark the boundaries of the tightened part of the building due to the attention he had put on the phone.

When he fell off, neighbors first hesitated to rescue him because they would not believe that Kisembo would have fallen down so quickly as it had happened, they later understood that he needed serious and urgent help which according to one witness said was late.

Allegations also indicate that he (Livingstone Kisembo) had received shs400 million from his son whose details have not been revealed a few days before he met his death.

Accounts surrounding his death

Some witnesses said he was on the phone and lost control and fell down while others said he had pressure and heart complications which they say would have caused the accident.

Others who believe in the Traditions of Africa said erecting a storied building in Africa goes with ritual sacrifices which the deceased had refused to heed to since he was a staunch Christian.

However, these remain scanty accounts on the death of Livingstone.

Kisembo was a member of the Church of Uganda and his death has shocked the business and Christian community of Kagadi.

The building under construction near Omukwenda Turyamureeba’s building at the Market Street was on its course to the ground floor after the basement.

He died immediately after reaching Kyakasenene Health Centre in Kagadi Town.

Livingstone Kisembo has survived with one wedded wife and 7 children with the oldest being the Medical Superintendent Kikuube HCIV.


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