February 29, 2024

Shocking: Father unroofs own house to sell land, leaves 4 children sleeping in bush


Lillian Ruteraho (RDC) standing at the door entrance with residents at the unroofed house in Katoma on Tuesday

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Residents of Katoma cell, Kyenzige Town Council in Kagadi district were left in confusion after a household head decided to remove iron sheets from his own house as a measure of selling off his land.

John Mbarule who is in his late 40s is said to have wanted to sell his land but buyers had always asked him to remove the house before they pay and thus fulfilling the requirement by his customers.

His 4 children have been sleeping in bush up to the time when residents discovered that this man wanted to sell the land that belongs to the children.

John, who is the family heir is being accused of selling off all family land equivalent to 3.5 acres and that he had resorted to selling off his share yet ha has children who have no care since he (John) divorced his wife over issues of alcoholism and domestic violence.

Specioza Nakate John’s mother said that she has been at war with his son over issues to do with family land but John had adamantly refused to take her advice just because he wanted money for alcohol.

 “One time John tried to fight me and after escaping I called police that rescued me and he was arrested by Kyenzige police officer. But after a while, as a parent, I was sympathetic I withdrew the charges against him and he was released” Nakate told our reporter.

Nakate further said that she tried to warn all village chairpersons of Katoma and Kasenyi not to sign on any sale agreement but only Karori Tinkamanyire the chairman of Katoma complied yet Godfrey Kyalimpa of Kasenyi went ahead and signed for him.

Karori Tinkamanyire the village chairman for Kasenyi told www.nettlconsult.com reporter that he has tried by all means to involve in John’s land and family issues after he refused to take his advice.

“I tried to talk to John about his behavior especially his drinking habit and the way he handles his children, John never took me serious even when he wanted to sell his land I told him that I will not sign then he opted for a neighboring chairman of Kasenyi”. Karoori Tinkamanyire chairman LCI Katoma narrates.

Lillian Ruteraho the Kagadi district resident district Commissioner thanked residents for working together and being responsible and concerned about the fate of the children and asked them to take keen care of these children since their father themes not interested in them.

Lillian however warned residents against alcoholism that would end up diverting them from their normal thinking that would result into poverty, domestic violence and death.

The increasing numbers of murder cases in our district Kagadi are fostered by too much alcohol that limits people from working hard and thus resorting to robbery and other immoral acts that lead to death”. Ruteraho adds

Kagadi district in so far in this month of February has registered a total number of 7 murder cases with the recent being a double murder that was committed in Kitemba-Kicucuura sub county where assailants attacked Acleo Barigye’s home and hacked 3 of his family members and 2 died on spot.


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