February 29, 2024

See the Courageous Nine -year-old  who stormed parliament to meet Speaker Anita Among


Ruth Precious Kharunda with the speaker Among

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A courageous pupil from Nakasero Primary School, Ruth Precious Kharunda, on Monday walked to the office of the Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among seeking for assistance.

Wearing her school uniform with pride, Kharunda,9 unaccompanied, caught the attention of Parliament’s security officers with her determined journey to meet the Speaker, whom she admires as a role model.

Upon learning of her arrival, Speaker Among promptly invited her into her office, prioritizing her over other waiting guests.

In a heartwarming moment, Among warmly embraced Kharunda , engaging in a personal conversation.

During their talk, the young girl shared the financial challenges her parents face, earnestly requesting assistance with her school fees for the upcoming term.

Responding to Kharunda’s plea, Speaker Among, moved by the young girl’s courage, pledged to support her.

Among, surprised by Kharunda’s boldness, acknowledged her determination to pursue education despite her family’s financial struggles.

She emphasized the crucial role leaders play in ensuring that girls like Kharunda receive the necessary support to stay in school.

Expressing her commitment, Among took proactive steps, reaching out to Kharunda ‘s parents, determining her place of residence, and personally contributing to help ensure Kharunda can continue her education and pursue her dreams.

“She was candid about her desire to stay in school despite the financial hardships her parents face in taking care of her five siblings,” Among stated.

She emphasized that girls like Kharunda deserve unwavering support and stressed the responsibility of leaders to ensure they have the resources to stay in school.

“I got in touch with her parents, established where she lives, and have made my humble contribution to ensure she stays in school and pursues her dreams,” Speaker Among said highlighting the positive impact that individual contributions can have on a student’s educational journey.


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