March 1, 2024

Salary Discrepancies among Science and Arts Teachers


Rogers Kasami-the writer

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There has been a controversy between SCIENCE and ARTS teachers’ salary enhancement ever since the president promised to increase the scientists’ pay, claiming that they matter more than others.

This has come to pass after the Minister of Finance, on 14th June, 2022 read the national budget and confirmed the increment of science teachers’ salary in the new Financial Year-2022/2023.

This has annoyed the Arts teachers since the Arts subjects are equally relevant and all teachers play the same role in school. It has therefore caused an industrial action that started yesterday, 15th June 2022, where teachers have laid their tools down until government addresses their concern by giving a fair pay.

You cannot pay a science teacher 4 million and 3 million for degree and diploma teachers, respectively, then keep the arts teacher earning less than even a million. This is a very unfair, inhumane and irrational decision. Moreover, it only caters for secondary science teachers, ignoring the primary science teachers yet science starts in primary.

In my opinion, all teachers matter because all subjects are relevant in their own way. Arts teachers produce many important positions like the judiciary, permanent secretaries, religious leaders, social workers, accountants, CAOs, teachers, entrepreneurs, human resource managers, to mention but a few. The president himself is not a scientist but he is the country’s number one. Most political leaders who are even earning big sums of money are not scientists, so why then not increase all the teachers’ pay regardless of the subjects they teach? The high increase would also imply that they will be earning more than their supervisors like the head teachers, DEOs and CAOs. Was this really thought of? Is it a fair decision? Absolutely not!!

The confusion also comes at a time when the greedy MPS have increased their salary and allowances which total up to 50m claiming that they have economic challenges, yet the government claims there’s no money. These very MPs should advocate for teachers’ salary enhancement of they are humane and realistic.

Teachers have been receiving empty promises which has demoralized them and caused inefficiency in schools since they have to look for other means of survival to supplement their salary.

Actually, it would be better to revise the whole salary structure for public servants because they sacrifice a lot by giving services to this country.

This is a matter of general concern and the government should quickly intervene to give teachers feedback .This will boost their morale and welfare, hence quality output.
On the other hand, salary discrepancies would destabilize the education system and yield nothing but more destruction.

“Because the teachers are, the nation is!”

#@All teachers matter!!

Kasami Rogers Mike Acaali


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