March 3, 2024

Rickman Manrick Unveils ‘Ndi Muto Album’ Amid Ghetto Charity and Yokuku Partnership 

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In a rare display of compassion, dynamic and philanthropic Ugandan trap artiste Rickman Manrick has capped off the year 2023 and entered the new one with a heartwarming luncheon and community welfare giveaway for the Bakuli ghettos in Kampala, where he once called home.

Bryan Morel Publications, representing Rickman, announced a groundbreaking collaboration with leading poultry supplier Yo Kuku! confirming that the initiative saw over 300 kilograms of premium chicken actualized and donated during this benevolent festive luncheon for the Bakuli community. 

Commencing with a hamper distribution that included soap, sanitary material, sugar, cooking oil, bread, posho, rice, clothes, beddings and many other household needs) to over 50 families, Rickman and his fandom team then treated more than 300 individuals to a hearty meal. The event’s significance was amplified by Rickman’s choice of Bakuli, the locale of his inaugural hit, Bango, establishing a poignant link with the Mengo community.

A pre-event tease at Yokuku offices heightened anticipation, with Rickman sharing glimpses of something brewing between him and the brand’s corporate social responsibility. The team traversed ghettos, distributing Yokuku-branded luncheon and hamper chicken packages to families, highlighting social impact to the press, friends, and mainstream media.

Culminating in an album listening party, featuring Bexxx A DJ and an open mic with local artists headed by Scorpion Shabba, the event provided an intimate connection between Rickman’s music and the community. Yokuku seized the moment, delivering a speech and expressing commitment to further the virtue of giving back to society in the upcoming year.

‘Ndi Muto’ Album Track-list ( and Featured Artistes:
1. Born Champion – ft Joshua Baraka
2. Abantu
3. Ghetto Made – ft Soundlykbb, King Hanny, Ruyonga, Mark Da Urban & Bad Sparksy
4. Find Your Way – ft Joshua Baraka
5. Lugaba – ft Likkle Bangi
6. Topowa
7. Oh Uganda – ft Pasha Amaro
8. Ndi Muto
9. Luga Pandemic
10. Big deal – ft Dougg Poundz
11. Mba Ndigida
12. No Time – ft Rulz
13. Where Are You – ft Zavy Keiza
14. Naughty Party – ft Dolv Gvng
15. Party Night – ft Likkle Bangi & Maniac Mayne
16. Duka – ft Double S
17. Tolumba America
18. Ekibe (remix) – ft Courtesy Davinci, Wizzard OG & Kapeke, Navio & The Mith

Among the record producers on this album are B.I.T. (Best In Town), Artin Pro, Raka (Joshua Baraka), Vad beats and Mio
while Mixing and Mastering credits go to; Isaac Kalema, Herbertskillz and Vad beats.

About Rickman Manrick
Rickman Manrick is not just a rapper and storyteller through music; he is a force of positive change, embodying the spirit of giving and artistic expression. From the gritty streets of Bakuli to the global stage, Rickman’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of music and philanthropy.

About Yokuku
Yokuku is a leading chicken supplier committed to making a positive impact in communities. Through strategic partnerships and initiatives, Yokuku strives to contribute to the betterment of society while providing quality chicken products.


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