July 20, 2024

Residents In Panic As Witch Craft Escalates In Kakumiro District

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Residents of Kyedikyo A in Kyangota Parish Katikara sub county Kakumiro district are crying for the authorities’ intervention over the rampant witchcraft practices in their area that is putting their lives at stake.

This was revealed on Sunday evening during the security meeting held in Kyedikyo A trading Centre led by the village Chairperson Abdul Hakim Nkuusi.

The meeting intended to harmonize the area and creating measures of curbing rampant crimes such as domestic violence, animal and bird theft, witchcraft (poisoning) among others that distress locals.

Residents noted that witchcraft has resulted in unnecessary expenditures in the process of catering for medical bills for their beloved ones and that some have lost their lives over the cause. They therefore appeal to the authorities to intervene and fight against the habit before the situation goes out of their hands.

Residents speaking

In an interview with our reporter, the area Chairperson Nkuusi enlightened that he has always received a lot of complaints from his residents and tried to engage and counsel some of the accused but all in vain.

He says, the meeting held could not reveal the identity of the suspects in order to face the penalty but promised to call for another meeting that will handle the same issue.

Meanwhile, the Kyangota Parish councilor elect Justine Mbabazi who also attended the meeting narrated that witchcraft issues lack enough evidence and therefore should be handled with calmness and carefully.

She said as leaders, they are engaging the residents in order to come up with possible means of handling the poisoning allegations.


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