July 24, 2024

Residents decry of broken bridge, accuse leaders of shoddy work

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Residents from 3 sub counties of Ruteete, Kyakabadiima in Buyaga West and Kyenzige in Buyaga East all in Kagadi district have expressed their discomfort due the bridge that has spent 2 weeks broken without being rehabilitated.

Residents led by the Mpamba B village chairman  Valerian Kamugisha says that work done on this bridge was shoddy to an extent of using bare soil instead of murrum that would give it a longer lifespan.

Mpamba B Bridge is the shortest route from Kyenzige to Ruteete and the business channel among the communities in the 3 sub counties.

Beatrice Mugabe resident of Mpamba B says that pregnant women and those in labour face complications while crossing the bridge and that they end up dying while being to hospital due to longer distances.

Beatrice further says that an ambulance cannot cross and this has made life of pregnant mothers so difficult.

Valerian Kamugisha the village chairman of Mpamba B says that the bridge has taken only two months after it was constructed meaning it was constructed in a substandard way.

Valerian has asked government to come to their rescue since most of their businesses are now on standstill.

Valerian further says that many of their children have broken legs while crossing and that some are still in hospitals bedridden.


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