March 4, 2024

Rema unbothered by Kenzo chants as artistes try to steal B2C show

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Most things that happened at B2C concert were just synonymous with what they usually do at Freedom City. Perhaps it was an improved production but you can only discuss the audience if only you missed out on their inaugural act on September 7, 2018 at the same venue.

Astonishingly, welcomed to stage more than the concert owners, there was a toast to a droll moment when fans teased singer Rema Namakula, chanting the name of her ex-boyfriend.

The unbothered Rema who thrilled fans with a semi-acoustic performance of her song Akaffe Che was later joined by the trio to sing Guttujja as the audience sang along.

Unlike most musicians who seemingly got thrilled by an enormous audience to nearly own the show, Rema was a toast to the class that her performance was limited to just two songs and left the overjoyed audience yearning for more.

Performing five songs in the first session that included; Songea, Wujja, Wanyonoona, Nyongera and Wansensela,  the trio opened the stage to other artistes who included Grenade, Pinky, Carol Nantongo, Rema, Ykee Benda, Aroma Levixon, Bruno K, Spice Diana, and Zex Bilangilangi among others.

Those who were given an opportunity chose to own the stage and sing more than the agreed number of songs as the audience enjoyed the mix. The audience couldn’t get enough of singer Ykee Benda who unleashed a musical dance experience, wooing revellers with songs like; Obangaina, Nkufeelinga among others

The audience was then treated to a Dejaaying moment featuring Dvj Mercy Pro, Dj Roja, Dj Nimrod as NTVs Lynda Danne unleashed her antics on the Microphone.

In a presumably much more economic-friendly concert that saw revellers enjoy art at Shs 10,000, B2C carried similar antics to Jinja where scenes were nearly the same.



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