July 24, 2024

RDC rescues 3,840 stolen mosquito nets, 2 officials arrested in Kagadi


Security officer guarding the recovered stolen Mosquito nets at Kiryane LCI on Tuesday

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Police in Kagadi are holding 2 suspects in their custody and still hunting for others still at large on charges of involving and conniving in the theft of 3,840 mosquito nets meant for the people in Kagadi.

The stolen mosquito nets were found hidden in a coffee huller store in Kiryane village Kagadi Town council during an operation mounted by the RDC Kagadi after a tip off by one concerned citizen.

The operation was mounted after several people raised complaints that they had missed getting mosquito nets for their families citing issues of few mosquito nets from the government as reported by the distribution team.

According to the program supervisor for Kagadi district Robinah Kimbugwe, the ministry had planned for 666,149 people to receive nets in Kagadi but could not give how much she brought into the district for distribution.

Lillian Ruteraho the Kagadi district RDC who led the operation to have the nets and other items recovered, applauded residents for being on ground and minding about the distribution of government resources and fighting corruption and embezzlement.

Lillian revealed that government has been and still delivers to her people but people with selfish interests keep branding a bad name to government through corruption and embezzlement of the resources meant to benefit every Ugandan.

She said that these recovered mosquito nets will be taken back to the original beneficiaries.

Residents of Kiryane village said that they had missed getting their mosquito nets and that others with bigger households were receiving only one or two mosquito nets as opposed to the number they registered before during the survey.

Charles Kagadisa village chairman said that his village alone was supposed to get 555 mosquito nets but surprisingly officials only brought 320 something that made some of his people miss and others taking fewer numbers compared to the size of their families.

Judith Akello Joan the District Police Commander Kagadi confirmed the arrest of two officials whose identities have been withheld for further investigations and also said that the hunt for others who are still at large to have them brought to book is underway.

The recovered mosquito nets were in 96 bells with each having 40 mosquito nets totaling to 3,840 mosquito nets all together.

Sources who spoke to the media on condition of anonymity said that these mosquito nets were stolen on orders of two Town council officers who they declined to mention.

On Monday, Kagadi district RDC Lillian Ruteraho led an operation to Kyeterekera Sub County and recovered the 46 pairs of gumboots that had been sold off by the Sub County chief but later returned them.

On Tuesday, 2 health workers and two store guards were arrested on allegations of selling off gumboots and T-shirts meant for the distribution exercise at Kabuga HCIII in Muhorro Sub County Kagadi district.


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