July 24, 2024

Prisons list 680 inmates for Museveni pardon

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Dr. Johnson Byabashaija the Commissioner General of Prisons

The Uganda Prisons Services has submitted names of 682 inmates to the Attorney General of benefit from the presidential pardon.

The Ugandan Constitution gives powers to the President to pardon various categories of prisoners on advice of the prerogative of mercy committee and the Attorney General.

Addressing journalists on Monday, prisons spokesperson, Frank Baine said the move is aimed at decongesting prisons around the country.

“We have submitted 682 names of prisoners to the prerogative of mercy committee headed by the Attorney General for the possibility of pardon,”Baine said.

“Every July of the year, we submit the names we deem fit for pardon and it is the discretion of the committee to look through and forward for the president for pardon or sit on the list and the year passes without the pardon.”

The prison’s spokesperson said the list includes all petty offenders who have finished three-quarters of their sentences; all offenders convicted of capital offences but are left with only six months to finish their punishments.

“All over aged(65 years and above)convicted offenders that have finished half of their sentences, all convicts of rogue and vagabond , pregnant and breastfeeding women, minor offender with ailments are part of this category and the list has been submitted for purposes of considering their pardon.”

Last year, President Museveni pardoned a total of 833 prisoners across the country in a move that was aimed at decongesting prisons around the country during the Covid pandemic.


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