March 1, 2024

Prime Minister Rushes to Kawolo Hospital, Bans Politics in All Health Facilities in the Country  

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The Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja today led an inter-ministerial delegation to Kawolo hospital to deal with service delivery concerns at the government hospital.

Recent media has been awash with reports of health workers laying down their tools over delayed payment of salaries and missing of the salary for the month of March this year affecting some health workers at Kawolo hospital.

Nabbanja arrived at Kawolo Hospital at around 11:00 AM with other ministers and technocrats from concerned ministries to handle the situation.

On arrival at the hospital Nabbanja and the delegation first inspected wards and drug stores to acquaint themselves with the conditions at the hospital and ascertain whether the health workers were on duty.

They visited the Theater, the maternity ward, and the outpatient department but all health workers were on duty.

After the inspection Nabbanja held a meeting involving selected health workers and the delegation.

Nabbanja says that members of the opposition have begun frequenting government hospitals to incite health workers to strike.

Led by Felix Kigoma, the leader of the disgruntled group, they claimed that they had not been paid their salaries since December last year yet they only demanded for the month of March 2023.

Daina Mutasingwa, the state minister in the office of the Vice President and woman MP Buikwe dismissed media reports that the health workers had not paid since December.

Hanifah Kawooya, the state minister for health in charge of general duties blamed the health workers of staging an illegal industrial action because they didn’t follow the procedure.

Danstan Balaba the Chief Administrative officer Buikwe told the meeting that the health workers are being fair to claim that they have not been paid salaries since December.

Officials from the Public service and ministry of health clarified that what was staged as an industrial action was illegal and must be dealt with according to the law.

Felix Kigoma, the leader of the illegal industrial action apologized to the meeting that what was done intended to awaken the administration to communicate what was being done in regard to their concerns.

Later Nabbanja addressed all health workers, district leaders and the management of Kawolo hospital where she ordered that there be no more politics in the government health facilities in the country.

The prime minister ordered for the immediate transfer of health workers who have over stayed at one station to break cliques and sabotage service delivery.

Now services at Kawolo hospital are back to normal.


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