March 2, 2024

Police make more changes in uniform

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AIGP Asan Kasingye displays a pick cap to be worn while in office.


Police have announced more changes to the uniform but this time affecting the beret and caps and when it is worn.

According to AIGP Asan Kasingye, the chairman of the Police uniform committee, it was resolved by the police advisory committee chaired by the Inspector General of Police that from today onwards, officers in offices will be putting on pick caps and the berets for those in operation.

“The turn out for officers operations is the beret. This means that any officer putting on the general duty uniform(khaki) and is in operations, Counter Terrorism(black), Filed Force Unit(camouflage) and Anti Stock Theft Unit will always put on the beret because by the nature of their job, they are always in operation,”Kasingye said.

He instead that while in operations, all police officers will put on berets and while in office, the dress code will be the pick cap on the head.

“We thought that members of the public should know this information.”

In 2007, it was directed that the pick cap is only worn as a ceremonial uniform by officers but according to the latest directive, it will also be worn by officers while in their respective offices and resort to the beret while going for operations.

Earlier this year, there was rebranding from the all-white uniform for traffic police to a khaki trouser, white elastic belt and whitish beret for males and special caps for female officers.

There were more changes that saw formerly khaki sleeves changed to white.

The changes according to police are meant to ensure a fresh new look for their officers.


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