Police Arrests Christians Who Buried Pastor James Sakara

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News has been making massive rounds on media after a Zambian pastor called James Sakara was buried alive. This came after he proposed to Christians of his church to send him into the six feet grave and he shows them his powers that after three days, he would ressurect from the dead like Jesus Christ.

The believers also paid heed to what the man of God asked them to do, and they buried him alive. This backfired after he failed to come back to life after 3 days, and believers were forced to dig the grave and exhume him. Only to find that he had already died. Christians still, believe that although he appears dead in body, his spirit is not dead and he will definitely come back to life.

Zambia Police has now arrested all the Christians that helped to bury pastor James Sakara. This has left other believers in shock and gob smacked with nothing to do or say. First, they have lost their pastor who was preaching heaven to them, and now they have lost other church members to jail.

It should be noted that, pastors in Africa have tried to take this whole thing of believing to a different level. And as you read this, we have seen weird stories of pastors that suck women’s breasts to cleanse them, those that have instructed believers to eat grass and the recent pastor in Uganda called Denis Kintu who was seen on a video flogging followers to make them clean from their sins.


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