July 20, 2024

Plantations Cut to pave way for Muziizi CFR restoration

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Residents of the three villages in Muhorro town council Kagadi district are decrying for help from government over unidentified people who have illegally encroached their land.

This arise after unidentified people spammed their gardens and started cutting down all planted food like Matooke, coffee jack fruits, dismantling mortuaries leaving residents in fear.

The three villages are Karalike, Kyakazaana and Nyabigata all in Muhorro town council Kagadi district.

Speaking to Yosia Ibona the chairperson LCI Karalike said he consulted both the district leaders and the office of NFA in the district but they all gave a death ear.

He accuse NFA over changing their original boundaries of Muziizi forest reserve and encroaching people’s land which have resulted to residents protesting alarming to pull out all the planted trees by NFA in their land.

Responding to residents’ outcry, the NFA sector manager of Kagadi district Boaz Basigirenda said they have the clear boundaries of the forest reserve and they only used NFA land to plant the trees.

He farther said whoever have complaints on the forest reserve should come in the office for clarification assuring the public that they have no interest in people’s land hence promising to come on ground and short the issues.


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