February 28, 2024

Owobusobozi Bisaka Trails Hoima, Encourages Believers to Spread Unity among People in the World


Owobusobozi Bisaka, the founder of the Faith of Unity

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It was pomp and glamour as believers of the Faith of Unity welcomed Omukama Ruhanga Owobusobozi Bisaka in Hoima City.

This brought a standstill in traffic flow and paralyzed businesses in the main city Centre.

Owobusobozi Bisaka, the founder of the Faith of Unity, gained a following for his teachings and spiritual experiences in the early 1980s, leading to the formation of the faith.

To date, the founder continues to travel to different places in the country and outside, teaching unity among people.

Over the weekend, Owobusobozi Bisaka visited Hoima City, where he camped at Booma grounds for three days, imparting teachings on oneness.

This concept emphasizes the importance of diverse individuals, communities, and nations coming together to work collaboratively for mutual development.

The function attracted a large crowd, including legislators and other important leaders from Bunyoro and Tooro. They applauded Owobusobozi Bisaka for promoting unity and development, noting that this eases the implementation of government programs since the Faith emphasizes principles of unity, peace, and spiritual development.

Believers and non-believers alike testified to the work of Owobusobozi Bisaka, describing him as a God after their prayers were answered and witnessing miracles. Some followers believed in his divine connection and guidance.

In his address to the congregation, Owobusobozi Bisaka applauded the government for creating a peaceful environment that enables the Faith to fulfill its obligations of teaching people unity.

He appealed to believers to always spread the good news of the Faith of Unity so that more people can benefit from it.

He further discouraged teachings from the colonialists who used religions to dismantle the African context, limiting development and self-reliance.

During the same function, Owobusobozi Bisaka confirmed over 600 believers into the faith, and more than 300 people crossed from other religions, pronouncing their commitment to follow Omukama Ruhanga Owobusobozi Bisaka.

Bisaka continues to teach unity and oneness in Mabaale Town council, Kagadi district.


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