July 24, 2024
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NUP And Kyagulanyi Are Still In A State Of Grief And Confusion Which Will Heal Gradually-Counsel Richard Byamukama

Richard Byamukama a graduate in Law has been in politics for quite long supporting the ruling party-National Resistance Movement (NRM) and president Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni and here is his opinion on current Uganda’s political affairs.

Transition period is a period of excitement and grief which Uganda is going through currently. Whenever there’s a change of leadership and change of governments every after an election, there emerges the victors and the non-victors who I wouldn’t like to describe as losers in this case. This brings about excitement and grief to the victors and non-victors respectively who of these may not heal instantly but gradually.

Every after an election, as the case is for Uganda that every after 5 years there should be an election by which every Ugandan of 18 years and above is given right to participate, there is a process of transition or change of leadership from the old leadership to the newly elected leadership. During this process, the victors turn out to be exceedingly happy about their victory, considering and jubilating their efforts and hard work throughout the election spell. The non-victors in this case lie in depression, shock, disorganization, pain and at times anger.

Considering a post-election Uganda, the recently concluded elections on 14th January, 20th January and 3rd February at various levels from presidency, Parliamentary and local government elections where the mighty NRM party won massively in the majority seats at each level, caused the two aspects of grief and excitement to different participants at different levels. It is rare in circumstances that both the victors and non-victors of a given election turn out to be happy and excited.

Considering the current post election situation in Uganda, the NRM party is excited of its victory where as NUP and Kyagulanyi lie in confusion and disorganization which will gradually heal.

In some counties like the USA in the recently concluded election, transition was very costly which even involved the storming of Capitol Hill by Trump supporters but later the situation healed with time

In Myanmar, the post-election spell landed the citizens into a military coup that lead to the ousting of Aung San Suu Kyi a democratically elected president who was detained as military seized control, this has resulted into country wide demonstrations by natives in demand for civilian rule and subsequent sanction on the country by the diplomats.

The writer is a lawyer and political analyst and activist of NRM origin


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