February 27, 2024

NUP Bunyoro region Coordinator speaks on Kyagulanyi’s petition withdrawal

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National Unity Platform has finally taken one of the hardest decisions to withdraw its case from Supreme Court today at head office Kamwokya.

This was after supreme judges and short run decisions showed that they were all pro Mr. Museveni.

The decision was based on section 61 of the presidential elections Act which provides for withdraw of a presidential petition.

The withdrawal carries a series of political meaning especially on undressing the behinds of a rotten judicial system and it will set law under doctrine of precedents for future reference.

We are aware that Mr. Museveni won the race BT didn’t make 50 plus 01 which was to cause a rerun as based on Kenya case of Mr. Raila Odinga vs H.E Uhuru Kenyatta in November, 2017 where presidential elections we’re nullified and asked to rerun.

Mr. Kyagulanyi has written history right from the beginning that he has broken all odds. It should however be remembered that leadership can be made or born. Where do you think Kyagulanyi falls??

Life spent making mistakes isn’t honored BT more useful than life spent doing nothing

People complaining about foreign intervention should remember that Africans are too greedy for only themselves. That’s why most men marry more than 02 wives.

Assuming Uganda was left to H.E Idi Amini in 1979, what population would Uganda have by today 2021??

Mr. Museveni at this time, he needs power and presidency than before. He has indebted the country and if we are to pay without taking any extra loan, we can pay for 96years. If it was possible, everyone would be his property.

Ladies and gentlemen, our hearts are bleeding. Even if I died now, someone shroud than mi would rise. Uganda is like a tree Mr. Museveni wants to eat even the roots after the branches and stems.

Blessings to you all



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