February 29, 2024

NRM members burn party materials in protest against court’s ruling on Bugangaizi South petition.

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Angry NRM party who claim to be unsatisfied by the Masindi high court decision in which Bugangaizi South MP Tumwesigye Josephat defeated Prof George William Lubega have today burnt down party materials in protest.

The party members who gathered in Kigoma trading center, Kakumiro district on Monday, protested against the court’s decision by burning party cards-shirts and shirts.They have also returned one of the bicycles given to NRM party village chairpersons. They helped placards with words expressing their dissatisfaction with court’s decision which saw the petition dismissed with costs. They claim that Prof Lubega won the election but his victory was stolen.

They have vowed to rally all supporters of Prof Lubega to return NRM card and think about joining another opposition party.

When  contacted, Josephat Tumwesigye says the demonstrating party members have their right to express their dissatisfaction. He however says that he has defeated Prof Lubega five times right from NRM party primaries.

Tumwesigye who doubles as the Kakumiro NRM party chairperson has instead advised Prof Lubega and his supporters to go to court of appeal than misleading the general public.

Tumwesigye was declared the duly elected Bugangaizi South MP by the Masindi high court Alex Mackay Ajiji after dismissing the petition filed by Prof George Willy. In the 14th January 2021 parliament elections, Tumwesigye garnered 12801 votes while Prof Lubega got 12331 votes.

Police in Kakumiro declined to comment on the demonstration and instead referred our reporter to regional police spokesperson.


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