February 28, 2024

Museveni to swear in Mao as Justice Minister today


Mao and Museveni at the IPOD summit recently.

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Democratic Party president, Norbert Mao is later today set to be sworn in as the new Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Media has learnt.

Mao will be sworn in at a function to be president over by President Museveni at State House in Entebbe.

“I wish to announce that I will be sworn in tomorrow (Wednesday) at State House, Entebbe at 10am as the Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs,” Mao told journalists on Tuesday at the DP headquarters in Kampala.

He said he would later be sworn in as an ex-officio MP  at parliament before he officially starts work.

Others expected to be sworn in today include Hamson Obua , the new  Government Chief Whip,  Peter Ogwang( State for Sports)  and  Beatrice Okello, the  minister of state for Economic Monitoring.

President Museveni last week announced the appointment of Democratic Party president Norbert Mao as new Justice and Constitutional Affairs Ministers to the surprise of many, especially in the opposition.

Addressing journalists on Tuesday, Mao said he is in government  to oversee a peaceful transition from President Museveni to another leader.

“Uganda is in transition and it is not coming but has started. We(DP) have only done what a catalyst does.  This is what DP has done and it is known as the shock doctrine.  As to whether I will ever become a president that one I don’t know and I don’t care. Let me be the Moses who will not come to the promised land but Uganda must go to the promised land,” Mao said.

“Let me remain this side but I want to push you to go to the promised land and that is my job. I am not dying to be president but to see Uganda not wasting time in the Sinai desert of deception and confusion for 40 years. The journey to the promised land is 11days from the Sinai desert on foot. By 2026, NRM will have been in Uganda as a government for 40 years. Ugandans, don’t care about me but go to the promised land since I have led you. I don’t have to cross with you.”



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