March 2, 2024

MP Musana rallies for peaceful co-existence among Muslims  


MP Musana after Eid Al-Adha prayers at Mabaale Town Mosque.

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At Mabaale Town Mosque, Sheik Twalibbu Tibenda the Mabaale county Khadh asked Muslims to shun evil acts, have good morals and observe peace.

He castigated that the Islamic faith condemns terror acts condemning false beliefs that the faith encourages extremism and terrorism.

Sheik Twalibbu asked Muslims to observe peace and not support terrorism acts.

The Buyaga East MP and Pan African Member of Parliament Eric Musana also asked Muslims to desist from evil acts as they celebrate Eid-Al-Adha. He has donated 500,000Shs to support the Projects at the mosque.

Meanwhile Muslims who managed to speak to our reporter asked fellow believers to celebrate the day responsibly by not engaging in wrong acts.

They also thanked MP Musana for the donation.

At Muhorro Town Mosque,

The Muhorro Town Mosque, sheik Isaac Semakula implored Muslims to strengthen their faith and desist from engaging in wrong acts like alcoholism if they are to get blessing from Allah.

Sheik Isaac Semakula made the call today morning while leading Eid prayers at Muhorro town mosque in Muhorro Town council Kagadi district.

Sheik Isaac asked Muslims to raise their children fearing Allah, he advised them to help the needy like orphans, widows among others.

Sheik Isaac also challenged the Muslims to embrace government programs such as the Parish development model, Emyooga to eradicate poverty from their households.

Meanwhile Alinda Julius Mpigiza, the inspector of schools Buyaga west who also attended Eid prayers, raised concern over the increasing numbers of street children who are loitering in Muhorro Town.

He asked Muslims to interest themselves in supporting the education of their children if they are to have a better future and reduce the number of street children around towns.


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