March 2, 2024

MP Musana cautions parents as Faith of Unity believers marks children’s day

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The Flowers Day also children’s day in the faith of unity started on 02/07/1986 after Owobusobozi Bisaka (Founder of the Faith of Unity) helped many women to deliver, especially those who had been bewitched.

Usually, the day starts with matching around towns where all children belonging to the Faith of Unity together with their parents carry flowers, singing beautiful hymns of the Faith of Unity.

However, due to covid-19 guidelines, the believers celebrated the day at their respective homes.

The Buyaga East legislator and also Pan African Parliament Member of Parliament Hon Eric Musana Acaali has urged parents to retain their children in good morals if they are to have a bright future.

In his message to the faith of Unity believers during the celebration of flowers “Ebyaakyo” also known as the day of children in the faith of unity, Hon Musana says this day should help parents focus on grooming their children well in their families mostly during this time of lockdown.

He adds that children should be protected because they will momentarily go back to their respective schools.

Speaking at Kapyemi Itambiro, the headquarters of the faith of unity where the scientific celebrations were held, Omukwenda Akugizibwe the leader of the faith and also an administrator appreciated Owobusobozi Bisaka (his father) for coming to their rescue when they least expected it.

Omukwenda Akugizibwe says Omukama Ruhanga Owobusobozi started the Obumu Itambiro with the aim of uniting people. He further urged the faith of unity believers to remain focused.

He says the faith of unity promotes unity among people in the world.

This day was declared by the founder of the faith of Unity religion Omukama Ruhanga Owobusobozi Bisaka after he used his powers to help a woman produce after she had spent 7years without producing.

On this day, children are served with biscuits to show love to them.


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