July 24, 2024

MP Barnabas tells Ugandans to vote NRM for continued development

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Barnabas Tinkasimire, The Member of Parliament for Buyaga West constituency who is also the NRM flag bearer for same seat in the  2021 parliamentary election ,has urged Ugandans  especially Kagadi residents to vote carefully in the forthcoming election.

Speaking to our reporter, Tinkasimire advised voters to stick on NRM flag bearers, pakalast.

He said opposition and independent leaders make it hard to plan for the country, adding that sending someone without a plan to parliament is spoiling the country.

Insert…..Tinkasimire on NRM pakalast

Tinkasimire says in order to strengthen the NRM party, he will never campaign or vote for opposition and independents candidates

Insert…..Tinkasimire on vote


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