July 20, 2024

Mountains of the Moon lecturers strike

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Lecturers of the Mountains of the Moon University in Kabarole District have laid down their tools, citing discrimination as the government takes over the  institution.

A total of 18 lecturers have since signed an August 2 petition announcing their industrial action.
They demand the Transition Task Force (TTC), a committee that was  established to oversee the transition process, address a raft of concerns raised.

“Given the chronology stated above, we have a number of grievances as we are much disappointed by the so many empty promises, the lack of Transition Task Force to prioritise staff in the takeover by government and taking staff for granted,” the lecturers state.

“We have, therefore, decided to suspend our services to the university until top management and the taskforce addresses each of these grievances above. Failure to address these grievances within two weeks, we shall take further action,”  they added.

When contacted yesterday over the matter, the Vice Chancellor, Dr John Kasenene, said:  “Do you think I as the Vice Chancellor of such a big university in western Uganda can discuss such matters on phone?” 

The dons also state that sometime in 2015, the university Chancellor wrote to President Museveni requesting government takeover the university, citing low income, staff salaries, high staff development expenditures.

They add that in August 2015, the President wrote to then Education minister, Jessica Alupo now Vice President, during her ministry to commence the process of the takeover of the university.

“Given the persistent financial problems that the university faced at the beginning of the year 2018, the President wrote a second directive to the minister of education and sports to take over Mountains of the Moon, as a matter of urgency,” they state.


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