March 1, 2024

Mother dies after C-Section at Health Center IV

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The Tokora Health Centre IV is under scrutiny following a C-section surgery gone wrong, resulting in the untimely death of one, Longole Esther.

Lokol Emmanuel, the husband to the deceased, expressed deep concerns about the events leading to his wife’s demise.

“The complications started after the C-section. My wife was bleeding profusely and subsequently her stomach began to swell,” Lokol told the Nile Post. “Shockingly, the medics demanded money we did not have,” he added.

In a desperate attempt to save his wife, Emmanuel rushed her to the Moroto Regional Referral Hospital. However, despite his efforts, Longoli Esther succumbed to the complications.

The news of Esther’s death has sent shockwaves through the community, prompting residents to voice their concerns about the healthcare system.

“We rely on these health facilities for our well-being, and it’s disheartening to hear of such a tragic incident,” Akol Peter, one of the residents said.

The Nakapiripirit acting District Health Officer (DHO), Putan Molly, acknowledged the incident and promised action.

“We are committed to a thorough investigation to understand the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate incident,” Molly said, adding that the deceased had opted for a self-transfer to Moroto, creating uncertainty about the subsequent events.

The normal process of referral in government hospitals in Uganda involves several key steps. Typically, a patient is initially seen by a primary healthcare provider at a local health centre. If the condition requires specialized care or more advanced medical intervention, the healthcare provider initiates the referral process. The patient is then transferred to a regional or even the National hospital equipped with the necessary facilities and expertise. Under normal circumstances, referrals are expected to be prompt and efficient.

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