July 20, 2024

Man dies on spot after son’s arrest

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Residents of Inuula Village in Ikumbya Sub-county, Luuka District were on Tuesday evening left wondering after a 50 year old man distablised a function that was organised by wife at their home.

It is alleged that Kawunga Mukwalu became dissatisfied with wife Naigaga Harriet (49), over gathering the Members of Bakussekamajja Women’s group in his home.

The group according to sources is aimed at improving the women’s standards of living in Inuula village.

The members of the group had cooked their food but when Kawunga reached home, he just poured the food and smeared it with dust as the members group looked on.

Kawunga was later arrested and detained at Ikumbya police station.

A source says, when his father, Elyazari Kawunga received information that his son had been arrested, he collapsed and died instantly.


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