March 2, 2024

Man Chops Nephew into Pieces, Arrested With Meat Pieces in Saucepan


Nelson Akandwanaho, the suspect

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The Police in Ntungamo district are holding a 25 year old man for murdering his nephew by cutting. 

Police identified the suspect as Nelson Akandwanaho, a 25 year old resident of Kyanyanzira village in Nyanga parish, Rubaare sub county, Rushenyi County in Ntungamo district.

It is alleged that on Sunday 14th Jan 2024, Akandwanaho was discovered with the chopped parts of the deceased Patrick Ariho 11 year old resident of the same address in his house by one of the residents who made an alarm that attracted the neighbors.

It is also alleged that the residents later went to the house of the suspect Akandwanaho and upon peeping through the door they saw him chopping the deceased feet into pieces.

Patrick Ariho was a pupil at Kiyombero Primary school located in Kyanyanzira cell Nyanga parish in Rubare sub county Ntungamo District.

According to the Kyanyanzira village chairperson Steven Basiima said that it was around 11:15 am on Sunday when the wife of the suspect made an alarm for witnessing what her husband did.

The chairman mobilized the villagers for action on the suspect whom they requested to open but refused and instead tried to chase them away.

They however managed to arrest and took him to Omungyenyi Police post from where he was later transferred to Ntungamo central police station.

According to police, the suspect was found with human meat pieces that were identified as parts of the victim Patrick Ariho that included fingers, foot toes, among others in the saucepan ready to be prepared for a meal.

It’s further said that the suspect is alleged to be mentally ill and he used the chance to chop his nephew for a meal when the deceased’s grandparents were attending church services

The eye witness, and at the same time the Kyanyanzira Village Chairperson told our reporter that other parts of the abdomen, legs and arms were dumped by the suspect in his latrine and that of the deceased’s grandparents.

Currently the suspect is detained at Ntungamo central police station pending investigations and inquiries are at hand.


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