February 23, 2024

Kenyan Elections Should Be Exemplary to other East African Countries

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Other countries in East Africa and Africa at large should emulate the example of a free and fair election in Kenya. An election where people exercise democracy and vote freely without being intimidated, harassed, disturbed by police and army.

A country where the incumbent president follows and respects the constitution without clinging on power or exhibiting any kind of greed for power

The people of Kenya are awaiting results but there’s peace and freedom, the citizens are enjoying their country. The media, the observers, the electoral commission officials and everyone is happy and excited.

People vote for the president of their choice, no ballot staffing, harassing of voters on polling stations, home arrests and deployment of heavy military police.

In Uganda, some people especially the opposition group are harassed others arrested, kidnapped, tortured and receive all forms of injustice. Some votes are ridged in open day light and it seems as if it’s normal.

The Returning officers are bribed to announce candidates especially of the ruling party.

Ugandans long for a day when the country will also have such an election, and witness a peaceful transition in government.

How I wish UGANDA could borrow a leaf then we would have a Peaceful nation.

For God and my country

The Writer is a politician with an ambition to stand for presidency in Uganda in 2026.

Kasami Rogers Mike Acaali


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