March 4, 2024

Kampala gets 45 new public toilets

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In a bid to improve hygiene and sanitation in Kampala, Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has launched 45 new public toilets located in different parts of the the city.

These sanitary facilities are free of charge.

KCCA Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka on Friday January 12, 2023 launched the new state of the art rest rooms with inspection tours at various locations such as Kiswa Market, Namuwongo Market and City Square.

During her visits, Kisaka pointed out that the development has brought a positive change to the residents of Kampala as the city gets a boost of 45 free state-of-the-art public toilets.

According to her, the toilets were constructed under the Kampala-Lake Victoria Sanitation Project (K-LVWATSAN), aimed at enhancing sanitation and relieving pressure on existing facilities.

She said that the strategically placed toilets will mainly serve markets, schools, police barracks, and the central business district (CBD).

“These new toilets are constructed differently from the usual ones. Our goal is to ensure we build a hygienic city with facilities that guarantee good sanitation,” stated Kisaka during her tour.

The new multi-story design of these toilets includes upper floors capable of accommodating businesses, such as restaurants and cafeterias. The lower floor will have bathrooms and toilets.

Kisaka further emphasized the importance of increasing the stock of such facilities to meet the growing demand, especially in the central business district where approximately 20 toilets are expected.

“KCCA has been proactive in its efforts to enhance sanitation in the city.  Under the Sanitation for Millions project, 45 inclusive, gender-friendly, and climate-resilient toilet stances have been constructed, along with an additional 53 toilets under the City-Wide Inclusive Sanitation (CWIS) program,” she said.


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