July 24, 2024

Kagadi Conjoined Twins transferred to Mulago National Referral Hospital

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On Saturday, 6th 2021, a couple was devastated when they received conjoined twins by caesarian section at Kagadi district general hospital with one of the twins having normal signs of survival yet one was lacking the limbs and other body parts.

The twins are joined on the stomach.

The couple identified as Yusuf Kisembo and Scovia Bakwatampora residents of Kibanga village, Nyamiti ward Muhorro town council Kagadi district cried out to the public seeking for financial support from well-wishers in order for them to take the twins to Mulago for specialized management.

Bakwatampora the mother said that she has been attending antenatal services normally but when she went for a CT scan midwives told her that her womb was holding twins and that one had big head a condition known as hydrocephalus but they did not discover that twins were joined.

These twins have been transferred to Mulago National Referral Hospital for separation however, the couple still seeks support because they said that they cannot afford the situation as a family.

Mr. Elijah Kisembo relative to the family says that the family has no financial capacity to meet the costs of operating the twins in Mulago.

Kisembo family relative said that they opted to go to Mulago though they have no money because they want their children alive and asked the community, Government and NGOs to come to their rescue with support.

However, the mother to twins Scovia Bakwatampora has remained at Kagadi district general Hospital receiving treatment since she went through a caesarian section during delivery.

A team of about 20 Ugandan specialists at Mulago National Referral Hospital have successfully separated Siamese twins a process that took them 20 hours.

Annually, three to four Siamese twins are referred to Mulago hospital but many times they only have to do emergency operations. For instance, recently Dr Sekabira says they had to conduct an operation on twins where one had died.  The other twin didn’t survive the operation either. 


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