July 20, 2024

Jinja police officers kill one in mob action

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In  a bizzare incident, Police officers in Gadaffi Police barracks in Jinja killed one person suspected to be a thief.

According to sources with  in the Jinja based  Police barracks  who preferred anonymity, on  January, 29, 2024 thieves broke into the house one of the Police officers who was on night duty.

They took some of his belongings .

The following day the thieves again stormed the same house but their 40days ran out when the owner of the house was inside and he grabbed one who was killed by mob action.

His two other accomplices were arrested and are detained at CPS Jinja.

When contacted Kiira region Police spokesperson James Mubi was non committal to comment about this mob action in the barracks.

We have ascertained that the deceased and the suspects are sons of police personnel

On condition of anonymity, a number of police personnel who are residents in Police barracks have decried rampant theft and burglary.

“Almost every week we register house break in and it is becoming worse,” one  officer said.

Another one said, the thieves target colleagues who are on night duty especially during big days and weekends when all personnel are deployed for night duty in and around Jinja.

“I blame OC Police barracks who allows civilians to play cards within the barracks during day time. How can you allow strangers to be in the baracks all day?”

According to the  sources, the barracks sits on a big chunk of land about 100acres but the land is not fenced, giving  thieves chance to steal unnoticed.

“We need a perimeter wall on the police barracks like our neighbours the UPDF did to theirs,” a concerned police constable said.

We have learnt that some of Police officers leave behind their families when transferred to other stations.

“When some police personnel are transferred to remote areas, their children and women don’t want to go to  such areas.They stay in the barracks and such children are the cause of insecurity in the police barracks,” a police officer was heard saying.

The barracks also has no CCTV cameras to monitor it and even the guards who are deployed at night can’t secure the whole barracks  because it is big.

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